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Kevin Assia

Lions | AssiaKevin

The two time and back to back German champion, is a big HSV fan and won the EA virtual Bundesliga in 2013 wearing the HSV jersey.

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Denis Müller

Lions | Denis

The talented 16 year old is at the very beginning of his career. Despite him not being able to attend any bigger events because of his age, he is already putting the fear of god into the stars of the scene.

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Lukas Gaab

Lions| MrFresh

The 18-year-old living near Nuremberg is a Fortnite-Newcomer and yet already one of the greatest talents in the scene!

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Theo Jamal Hawkins

Lions | ikue
Theo joins us straight from UK with a great amount of competitive experience despite being 17!
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Sami Dib

Lions | sonixx

The Munich resident, who could also be a bodyguard, is a passionate fan of Kellogs Frosties for breakfast to do his job properly as team captain.

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Samuel Klefe

Lions | fALECX
He is going to take over the ingame leader role and will take us to victory.
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Mario Pidde

Lions | piidde

As the first ESL Meisterschaft champion he will bring the experience and the needed finesse to play on the top.

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Tim Wieczorek

Lions | derinor

Derinor invested many hours into the game to get the knowledge he has right now. As the new ingame leader he will support fALECX and the other guys with his callouts.

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Sasha Hostyn

Lions| Scarlett

Our “Queen of Blades” has its own entry in the Guinness World Records as the highest career earnings for a female competitive videogame player. She is also the first IEM Olympic Games winner.

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Aleksandr Svysiuk

Lions | Bly

The Ukrainian zerg player used to play Warraft III just before his StarCraft career. Currently he is the fan favorite in Europe.

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Become a PRO

Is gaming your passion? Are you that good that your friends and enemies just want to quit after they played against you? Do you really want to show off your skills on the biggest stages in the world?

Don’t hesitate to apply to us! TOLLENZ LIONS is a professional organization which works very closely with their players and is going to support you on your way to the top.


You should at least be 18 years old, we make exceptions for up and coming talents but they have to be 16 years old. We need your personal information as well as details to attended leagues and tournaments. Use our contact form below.

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